Project(s) of GTI scholarship holder LUSHOMBO Joseph

Comparative molecular ecology of native and Lake Kivu introduced populations of the Lake Tanganyika poecilid fish, Lamprichthys tanganicanus, eastern Africa

Grantee: LUSHOMBO Joseph

Internship details

  • Years

    2014, 2015 and 2016

  • Training location

    Royal Belgian Institute of Natural Sciences

  • Belgian supervisor

    Dr. Verheyen Erik

  • Studied organism (classification)

    Animalia – Chordata – Actinopterygii – Cyprinodontiformes – Poeciliidae – Lamprichthys tanganicanus

  • Reports

Lamprichthys tanganicanus is a poecilid fish well identified as native to Lake Tanganyika. Since 2006, several individuals of this large killifish have been caught in Lake Kivu using gill nets, together with the clupeid Limnothrissa miodon. This new Lake Kivu invader is now widely established in the rocky littoral zone of Lake Kivu. Period of introduction and geographic origin of this fish species is still unknown. Mixed schools of Lamprichthys tanganicanus and Limnothrissa miodon fry were collected in the littoral zone of Lake Tanganyika suggesting that fry of the former species may have been accidentally introduced in Lake Kivu together with that of Limnothrissa miodon fifty years ago. Population genetics structure of this species has not yet been investigated in both native and introduction habitat.

This study aims to characterize population genetic structure and level of genetic diversity of this fish in both native and introduction habitat. Specific objectives of this study are to discern the introduction history and spread of L. tanganicanus in Lake Kivu including the origin of strains that have invaded Lake Kivu.

Additional documentation

Discover more about this GTI project by:

  • consulting the information on Mr. Lushombo’s 2016 awareness project, which was aimed at disseminating the knowledge gained from his fieldwork and GTI internships among interested local stakeholders
  • reading the conference paper of the 2016 Zoology Congress: Lushombo, J., Masembe, C., Nshombo, M., and Verheyen, E. (2016). Distribution and abundance of the Tanganyika introduced killifish, Lamprichthys tanganicaus in Lake Kivu. Abstract Book of Zoology Congress 2016 (University of Antwerp, 15-17 December), p. 69
  • going through Mr. Lushombo’s Powerpoint slides presented at RBINS on December 1st, 2015

Scientific papers