Project(s) of GTI scholarship holder HOTEKPO Sourou Joseph

Taxonomy, systematics, water quality and use of ostracods (Crustacea, Ostracoda) in fish farming in Benin

Grantee: HOTEKPO Sourou Joseph

Internship details

  • Years

    2017, 2019 and 2021

  • Training location

    Royal Belgian Institute of Natural Sciences

  • Belgian supervisor

    Dr. Martens Koen

  • Studied organism (classification)

    Animalia – Arthropoda (Crustacea) – Ostracoda – Podocopida – Candonidae

  • Reports

The present project proposes a twofold approach aimed at a taxonomic and systematic study as well as the identification of Ostracod species capable of monitoring water quality and increasing the production of fish larvae and fry in Benin. The work will be based jointly on the underground and superficial environment and will build on the collections stemming from recent and ongoing research on the stygofauna of Benin.

A manuscript describing a new subterranean genus and species of the subfamily Candoninae will be published. In the long term, for each ostracod species from Benin, nutrient potentials and population growth will be tested to identify groups that will have good yields in the production of fish larvae and fry. This will help to boost local fish production by developing zooplankton production techniques. This project in part aims at contributing to strengthening food security in Benin.

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