Project(s) of GTI scholarship holder HORA Zewdu Ararso

Diversity of wild bees in Ethiopia

Grantee: HORA Zewdu Ararso

Internship details

  • Years

    2012 and 2013

  • Training location

    Royal Belgian Institute of Natural Sciences

  • Belgian supervisor

    Dr. Pauly Alain

  • Studied organism (classification)

    Animalia – Arthropoda – Insecta – Hymenoptera (Apoidea)

  • Reports

Ethiopia possesses an original, often endemic flora and fauna. Besides honeybees, which are an important element in the Ethiopian economy, the contributions of wild bees to economy and biodiversity conservation are poorly studied. However, they are essential in the pollination of plants, among which field crops and horticultural crops are very important. Some of these crops are mainly pollinated by specific wild bee species. Nevertheless, producers as well as agronomists even agricultural authorities undoubtedly undervalue the significance of wild bees.

Therefore, there is a strong need to gain skills about collection management and identification of wild bees at least to sub genera level. The present project will offer Mr. Hora the opportunity to have access to Belgium based reference collections to identify more specimens of wild bees from Ethiopia, which were collected in the framework of two GTI research/training projects (2010-2012; promotors: Dr. Boevé Jean-Luc and Dr. Pauly Alain). Mr. Hora was involved as one of the trainees in both of these GTI projects, and thus, the present project will be their logical and complementary prolongation. Afterwards, Mr. Hora will share his knowledge with colleagues of the institution where he is working.

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