Project(s) of GTI scholarship holder CABARROI HERNANDEZ Milay

Taxonomy, phylogeny and ecology of the poroid Hymenochaetaceae (2009) and the Ganodermataceae (2010) in Cuba


Internship details

  • Years

    2009 and 2010

  • Training location

    Mycothèque de l’Université Catholique de Louvain

  • Belgian supervisor

    Dr. Decock Cony

  • Studied organism (classification)

    1__Fungi – Basidiomycota – Agaricomycetes – Hymenochaetales – Hymenochaetaceae;   2__Fungi – Basidiomycota – Agaricomycetes – Polyporales – Ganodermataceae

  • Reports

The monographic study of the poroid Hymenochaetaceae and the Ganodermataceae (Basidiomycotina) in Cuba is the objective of Ms. Cabarroi Hernández’ PhD thesis. Research involves traditional comparative morphology and molecular systematics with interpretation of ecological and spatial data.

The poroid Hymenochaetaceae and the Ganodermataceae have been partially studied in Cuba during the seventies, but since then, the classification of the group changed due to novel insights obtained via molecular systematics. This necessitates an in depth revision of the species concepts that apply to the Cuban material. Next to taxonomic revision of Cuban material, the project also aims to determine the phylogenetic relationships with taxa occurring in other parts of the Caribbean and North and South America, and the level of endemism in Cuba and the Caribbean.

Additional documentation

  • Browse through this presentation of Ms. Cabarroi Hernández to find out more about her research
  • Have a look at this Catalogue to learn more about the Fungi and Myxomycetes of the National Botanical Garden of Cuba

Scientific papers

  • Cabarroi Hernández, M., Decock, C., Herrera Figueroa, S., and Maldonado González, S. G. (2009). Ganoderma coffeatum y Ganoderma flaviporum (Ganodermataceae) en la colección micológica del Jardín Botánico Nacional. Revista Jard. Bot. Nac. Univ. Habana 30/31, 251–252.