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Catalogue on Cuban biodiversity

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    All Cuban species

  • Organising institute (Belgium)

    Royal Belgian Institute of Natural Sciences

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Global Biodiversity Information Facility (GBIF), Sistema Mundial de Información sobre Biodiversidad – Cuban Node

The project ‘Catalogue on Cuban Biodiversity’ aims at supporting and improving the Internet site on Cuban Biodiversity to become a credible, hierarchically structured, annotated electronic catalogue (on- and offline) of the species living in Cuba. This catalogue will be based on numerous data from various sources already compiled in recent years. These data need to be interpreted, harmonized, encoded and completed in order to build up a current and comprehensive overview of biodiversity in Cuba. As such this catalogue will contribute to global biodiversity initiatives and will allow not only experts but also everybody else who cares about nature in Cuba easier access to its exceptional biodiversity.

One of the first steps in the creation of a Catalogue on Cuban biodiversity is to train Dr. Francisco Cejas Rodríguez from the Cuban GBIF Node in web development at the Royal Belgian Institute of Natural Sciences.


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